Evap & Emission Repairs

Evap & Emission Repairs in Sugar Land TX

Like clockwork, every year your car needs an emissions test. In Sugar Land, TX, if your vehicle is more than two years old and runs on gasoline, you can bet you’ll need that annual test. Even if you are purchasing a vehicle, it must pass an emissions test before it can be registered. If your vehicle needs an emissions test, either before you purchase it or to update your registration, the only place to go in Sugar Land, TX, is Texan Auto Repair & Collision!

Emissions Test in Sugar Land, TX

Everyone has brought a car in for an annual emissions test, but do you really know what happens during the test? The experts at Texan Auto Repair & Collision take you through it, step-by-step.

  1. Safe to Test Check: During this step, the technician will perform a visual check of your vehicle for flat tires, leaking fluids, etc. to ensure it is “safe to test.” Vehicles not passing this spot test are deemed “unsafe to test.”
  2. Visual Emissions Equipment Check: The technician checks for the physical presence of emissions-related equipment, such as dashboard lights, proper tire pressure, etc.
  3. Gas Cap Pressure Test: The vehicle’s gas cap is removed and checked with a pressurization device. This ensures a tight seal.
  4. “Check Engine” Light Test: This step sees the technician checking for the presence of any warning lights on the dashboard, including the “check engine” light.
  5. Smoke Check: The vehicle is inspected for the presence of visible smoke.
  6. Emissions OBD II Test: The on-board diagnostics (OBD II) test is performed. OBD systems monitor the performance of a vehicle’s major components, including those responsible for controlling emissions.

EVAP System Tests in Sugar Land, TX

The evaporative emission control system (EVAP) functions to prevent gas vapors from leaking into the fuel system and/or atmosphere. This system usually goes unnoticed, but leaks or failure can trigger the “check engine” light or even prevent the vehicle from passing the OBD II emissions test. An EVAP system leak or breakdown is not only a problem for your vehicle, it can be damaging to the environment as well.

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