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Fleet Maintenance & Repairs including Collision Repairs

Sugarland, TX and the surrounding areas including Richmond, Stafford, Rosenburg, Missouri City in Fort Bend County and west Houson in Harris County

fleet serviceWhen you are the operator of a fleet of vehicles, you know one thing – time is money. These vehicles are out there on the roads every day, making you money, and even one day or one vehicle down is simply not acceptable. If your fleet is traveling the roads of Sugar Land, TX, our team should be your one-stop shop for all of your fleet services and repairs. We get it – any downtime is money lost, so we strive to get you fixed up and back out there earning as fast as possible.

Fleet Services Sugar Land, TX

We take fleet services seriously. Our auto repair specialists are proud to work with dozens of fleet vehicles and we take the time to work with you on designing a fleet service plan that is not only affordable, but also convenient and easy to stick with. As we are sure you already know, maintaining your fleet is of the utmost importance, as one breakdown can spell disaster. Rather than deal with that, why not let our experienced technicians make sure each and every vehicle in your fleet is running in peak condition at all times? We are happy to work with you to make sure your fleet is out there, doing its job and making you money.

Fleet Repair Sugar Land, TX

Fleet owners know how tough it can be when one (or worse, more than one) of your vehicles breaks down. Deadlines get missed, deliveries go un-delivered and cash magically disappears. If you are in Sugar Land, TX, though, you know you can count on Texan Auto Repair & Collision to get your fleet vehicle (or vehicles) fixed up and back on the road fast. Don’t play around with chain repair shops or mechanics who aren’t qualified to work on these vehicles; instead, make Texan Auto Repair & Collision your fleet partner for both maintenance and, when needed, repairs. 

Fleet Service Near Me

Finding a decent mechanic for your personal vehicle can be tough enough, but finding a partner in maintaining and repairing a fleet of vehicles can be a headache. In Sugar Land, TX and surrounding areas, there is no other auto repair shop as qualified and enthusiastic to work on your fleet as Texan Auto Repair & Collision. We can design a maintenance schedule that works for you and your needs, and we are always here to make sure that, when repairs are needed, we can get you back out there working hard and earning money as fast as possible. Make an appointment or swing by Texan Auto Repair & Collision and let us make you a customer for life.


To help simplify your business, we offer cbCharge Fleet Financing. It is the FREE way for fleets to pay for repairs and services through an instant credit charge account.

  • There are NO FEES or Hidden Costs*
  • Available for all fleet accounts – Small and Large
  • Convenience of a CONSOLIDATED Billing Statement
  • 24/7 Online Account Management
  • EASY PAYMENT For All Repairs
  • 24/7 Online account access
  • ACCEPTED At ALL Jasper Engines & Transmissions Fleet Installer Partners

You can also print out the application and bring it in at your convenience.

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