Five Signs Your Wheels Are Out of Alignment and Need Immediate Attention

When you get a new set of tires, a wheel balance and alignment should be included with the service. After the tires have been installed, it’s a good rule of thumb to have your wheels aligned every two years. Between driving hazards, such as potholes and hitting curbs, and good old-fashioned aging, your wheels will slowly misalign over time. Texan Auto Repair & Collision can realign your wheels. Here are signs that they need it.

1. Pulling to the Side

A vehicle suspension should always go straight unless you turn your steering wheel. That is the only time your vehicle should sway to one side or the other. If your vehicle is pulling to the side even though your steering straight, the wheels are out of alignment and it’s time to have them put back into alignment.

2. Uneven Steering Wheel

Park your vehicle with the wheels pointing straight. Take a look at them from the outside to make sure they’re straight. Sit in your driver’s seat and take a look at the logo in the center of your steering wheel. If the logo is tilted to either side, your wheels are not aligned properly and need to be realigned.

3. Loose Steering Control

Have you noticed lately that your steering wheel seems loose? Does it seem harder to control your vehicle, especially when you make turns? This is a sign that your wheels are not aligned. It can also be an indicator that your wheels are not balanced or you have a problem with your tires or suspension.

4. Patchy Tire Tread Wear

Another sign of poor wheel alignment will show on your tire tread. Wheel balancing and alignment is done to ensure that your tires always meet the road evenly. This increases your ability to control your automobile and keeps you safe in inclement weather. Misaligned wheels caused your tires to bounce, and this leaves you with patchy, uneven tire tread wear.

5. Tire Squeals When Turning

Finally, because your wheels are not meeting the road evenly, the tires might squeal when you turn around corners. If this is the only time you hear your tires squeal, it’s likely the wheels are out of alignment. If they are also unbalanced, you might notice a vibration when you turn and also when you increase speed.

Don’t worry. We here at Texan Auto Repair & Collision in Sugar Land, TX, can realign your wheels and make sure they’re balanced. We can also replace your tires when the tire tread has worn down too low and you’re ready for a new set. Stop by our shop or call us today.

Image by Vigan Hajdari from Pixabay

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