Automatic Transmission Problems Will Cause the Following Symptoms

Bring your vehicle to Texan Auto Repair & Collision right away if your automatic transmission is having one or more of the problems listed below. The sooner you repair the existing issue the last chance you have of damaging the transmission further.

Check Engine Light

One thing that can happen right away if the transmission starts to malfunction is the check engine light will turn on. The transmission does not have a dashboard warning light, so the engine control module turns on the check engine light if there is a transmission problem.

Can’t Shift Gears

Another sign your transmission is malfunctioning is if it cannot shift gears. It may stay in first gear and refuse to shift through the gear cycle. This is a sign of serious transmission trouble that needs to be addressed right away.

Can’t Go Into Gear

The reason why time is of the essence is that eventually your transmission will be unable to go into gear at all. Unfortunately, this will leave you stranded with an inoperable automobile because you cannot get the transmission to go into Drive.

Slips Out of Gear

The transmission may also start to slip out of gear if it needs to be serviced and repaired. When the transmission slips out of gear, it goes into Neutral. It does this by itself. Consequently, you will lose engine power and your RPMs will increase.

Hot/Burning Odors

Hot or burning odors coming from the transmission indicate that the transmission is overheating. This can happen if the transmission fluid level is too low. It can also happen if you haven’t had your transmission fluid changed in over 30,000 miles.

Leaking Red Fluid

Naturally, one thing that will reduce the transmission fluid level is a leak. Transmission fluid can leak out of many different automatic transmission parts including the hoses and the pan.

Strange Noises

You may also hear strange noises coming from the transmission if it is going bad. For example, the gears may grind when they shift or the transmission may clunk when you put it into gear. It may also squeal. These are all bad signs.

Strange Shaking

Finally, your vehicle should not vibrate when the transmission shifts gears. If it does, you may have low transmission fluid or there may be a problem with the gears.

Call Texan Auto Repair & Collision in Sugar Land, TX, today if your automatic transmission is having any of the problems listed above.

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