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Now is the best time to have the air conditioner in your automobile serviced. Texan Auto Repair & Collision would be happy to inspect the system and service it so you can count on it all summer long. You definitely do not want to be without air conditioning in your automobile during the hot Texas summers. Let’s talk about our air conditioning service below.

Test the Compressor

One of the things we will do is test the compressor to make sure it has not gone bad during the winter. The compressor works better when it is used all the time. Naturally, you don’t run your car’s AC all the time throughout the winter months. As such, we will make sure that the compressor isn’t malfunctioning and is capable of compressing the refrigerant and circulating it.

Check the Condenser

We will also check the condenser to make sure that it has not been clogged or damaged by road debris. This can happen easily because the condenser is located directly behind your vehicle’s grille. If the condenser is damaged, we will replace it. We will also clean it or replace it if necessary if it has been clogged by road debris to ensure you have a functioning condenser.

Inspect the Condenser Fan

The condenser is the AC part that cools off the refrigerant so you always have cold air. It uses air inlets and a fan. We will also inspect and test the condenser fan to make sure that it has not been damaged by road debris and that it is working without a hitch. A malfunctioning condenser fan can cause hot air to blow through the vents because the refrigerant is hot.

Inspect the Electrical System

Another thing that we will do is inspect your vehicle’s electrical system. One of the most common problems that happens with car air conditioners is the button on the dashboard stops working. We will inspect the air conditioner’s electrical system to make sure there is nothing wrong.

Top Off the Refrigerant

Finally, we will check the refrigerant level and top it off if necessary. Your refrigerant is originally a gas that is compressed into a liquid and circulated through the air conditioning system. Unfortunately, it can evaporate or leak. If your AC system needs fresh refrigerant, we will add it to the system.

Call Texan Auto Repair & Collision in Sugar Land, TX, today to set up an appointment for an air conditioner check for your automobile.

Photo by Petr Smagin from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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